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More about "My Favorites" and "My Blacklist"

According to the rules of work with the mentioned lists, the control (adding, deleting) is done by the active client of the website.


Adding to the favorites is done by clicking the related button.


To remove the lady from favorites follow the link

and click the button


Adding to a blacklist



is done on the following page.

To remove the lady from the blacklist click on ...



Take notice about some issues

    • 1. If you have added lady's profile to a blacklist then she will not be able to write you new letters only after 96 hours after adding to a blacklist. Old and received recently letters will not be deleted;
    • 2. Lady cannot be in My favorites and My Blacklist simultaneously;
    • 3. If the lady from your Favorites list was deleted from a website, then she will also be deleted from My Favorites list;
    • 4. If the lady from your Favorites list was added to My Blacklist, she will be deleted from My Favorites list;
    • 5. If the lady from your Blacklist was deleted from a website, then she will also be deleted from My Blacklist;
    • 6. If you will write a letter to a lady from your Blacklist - she will be removed from My Blacklist;

Please notice that besides the mentioned facts website does not delete or clear your lists while your profile is active. In case if the profile of the client is deleting, the website's administration does not guarantee the safety of lists My Favorites and My Blacklist.

Take a notice that after adding a lady to a blacklist, letters from her will stop going to your inbox only after 96 hours, during this time can write your letter.
Please ignore letters from her or delete it