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Main problems and their solutions in Bridge-of-love Live Chat

The recommendations listed in this table will help you to ensure the best possible quality of the video on the website.

The cam picture is of poor quality

Today on the market you can find a webcam of any price and quality. If you have a good webcam, your partner will see a high quality picture, but if she uses a webcam of poor quality, whatever your equipment is, you are not satisfied with the quality of picture you see.

Good webcam is a prerequisite for high quality video and an easy way to enjoy video communication on

Good equipment, including excellent quality webcams, is a must for all the dating agencies we are cooperating with. However, many girls do not have a good webcam at home. Thus if either your girl-friend keeps complaining about having a poor quality webcam or you do not like the video, probably, it is high time to present a girl with a good webcam

Slow or heavily used Internet connection

You or your girlfriend may experience problems during a video call due to the low speed of your Internet connection. Try closing all programs that use the Internet (especially those that broadcast music and video), and cancel downloading files.

Make sure that the speed of your or your girlfriend’s Internet connection meets the minimum requirements (link) for a successful video conferencing.

Weak wireless signal

If you are using wireless Internet connection, make sure the signal is strong enough. If the signal is weak, you may want to use a wired connection.

Slow Computer Speed

There are many programs opened on your computer or on your girlfriend’s computer? Try closing some of them and see if it affects the quality of the video.

If you are using a laptop, problems with video connection may arise due to the fact that the computer is in a power saving mode. Connect the computer to the mains or switch to maximum performance.

Make sure that both your computer and your girl-friend’s one meet the minimum system requirements (link) for the video chat.

Insufficient light

If the room you are in is dimly lighted, both you and your girl-friend are likely to be dissatisfied with the quality of the video image of each other. Try to turn on the lights or open the curtains. Also, try not to sit back to a bright light source, such as a lamp or a window. In this case, your face will be in shadow, and the video quality will be low. The best location for the light source is behind the webcam so that the light shines on your face.

Too many USB-devices connected to the computer

The quality of the broadcasted video may be poor due to the simultaneous use of multiple USB-devices. Try to disconnect them or connect the webcam to another USB-port. If the webcam is usually connected to a USB-hub, try to connect it directly to the USB-port of your computer and see if it improves the video quality.

Internet connection through another computer

Make sure that you are not connected to the Internet through another computer. The website keeps working in a variety of network configurations, but if two computers, between which the connection is established, are separated by a firewall, the connection is established using a third computer. In this case, the connection speed is limited by a third computer, and the video quality may suffer.

Incorrect firewall or antivirus program setting

Connection problems can occur because of a firewall or antivirus software. Try to disable all local firewalls and antivirus programs while using the Live Chat (Video Chat).

System restart is required

If you have upgraded the system, for example, have installed or removed any programs, you may need to restart your computer.

Relaunch is required

We are constantly making changes to the quality of services on the basis of efficient information that we receive. Sometimes changes are crucial and are made to the working site immediately. Very often, we notice a problem you face and clear it up. All you have to do is just to log out and re-log in to the site again. You problem might have already been fixed and you have nothing to worry about.