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According to the rules of work with mentioned lists, the control (adding, deleting) is done by the active client of the website.   Adding to the favorites is done by clicking the related button. To remove lady from favorites follow the link https://www.bridge-of-love.com/index.php?app=my_favorite and click the button   Adding to a blacklist   is done on the following page . https://www.bridge-of-love.com/index.php?app=my_blacklist To remove la...
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On this page: About cache, cookies, and history. Google Chrome (Desktop browsers) Firefox (Desktop browsers). Microsoft Edge(Desktop browsers). Internet Explorer 9 and higher(Desktop browsers). Opera(Desktop browsers) What is a browser cache? A cache is a repository for stored data that is used to expedite the process of retrieving data. There are several types of caches, including webpage caches, hardware caches, software caches and memory caches. Caches are used to s...
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How much time is need to find your love? People has not yet been able to find an answer to this question. But of site’s statistics allows to come closer to answer to that question based on successful peoples experience. We are answering unambiguously – go to diamond. We made a full range of services that we think is ideal for success in dating. Those clients who will follow our advices – will find their own happiness with a big chance. We are not only glad for client if ...
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